Mumbai, October 20, 2021 With a mutual understanding the two Fantasy Sports Operators Ultimate11 and Royal11 announce their merger which will take place on October 27, 2021. In doing so, they aim to provide a richer experience for all users of the two platforms when they combine as one.

In a statement, the directors of Ultimate11 say that: “On behalf of the whole team behind Ultimate11, we would like to thank all users who have been playing and wish you the best of luck in the future. With this merger, we are stopping our services on Ultimate11 and all users can continue enjoying the services on Royal11 after the complete merger, all user winnings and deposits will still be available there.”

Royal11 is a Gujarat-based Fantasy Sports Operator and the flagship product of Impaxivie Technology Private Limited. Royal11’s business operations, features and service offerings have continuously evolved to meet the unique demands of their users and the growing Fantasy Sports market. The operator is solely focused on the expansion of user excitement by offering a vast range of league options. The CEO of Royal11 says in a statement that: “The merger with Ultimate11 will reinforce our operations and expand our offerings to a vast number of users across India. We’ll have more challenges to accomplish and surely endeavor for a better user experience that’ll lead us forward in the Fantasy Sports market.”

After the merger, Royal11 will be handling all the operations, users and responsibilities previously active under Ultimate11. With both platforms operating in the same industry with similar offerings this merger will create opportunities for further growth and surely satisfy the users who can enjoy a larger platform with broader offerings. For example, live playing experience, 24/7 customer support service, frequent giveaways and exciting offerings.

A few pointers to summarize the upcoming merger:

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